About Us

HangMotiv is a design experiment from Atlanta based graphic designer and entrepreneur Julian Streete. “I’ve always been a lover and collector of quotes.” It is interesting how some phrases whether witty, provocative, or motivating can stick and become timeless. These phrase come from practically everywhere. HangMotiv is a result of meshing this love for quotes with the innate designers love for type. 

The first canvas entitled “Do It Better” originates from the late scholar and former President of Morehouse College, Dr. Benjamin E. Mays. “I created it during a low moment in my career. One of the ways I encourage myself during those times is to read a few of the collected quotes, lyrics, or phrases that inspire me. After creating the art for therapy, Streete decided to produce a canvas to hang on the wall of his studio. The canvas generated attention from most of the people who saw it.

So far the designs are printed on canvas because they’re easy to hang, look phenomenal, and will last a lifetime. I plan to create a new series every quarter and to grow the collection and print on different high quality mediums.